The Cost of the System

The launching and operation costs of the System “Lesnoy Dozor” (“Forest Watch” - transl.) depend on specific conditions.

As a rule the project realization consists of several parts. The cost of each of them depends on the following factors: the number of towers, surveillance equipment, equipment placement and infrastructure in a particular region.

Conventionally, the costs are divided into 2 types

  • Nonrecurring costs (to launch the system).
  • Monthly costs (to use of the system).

Nonrecurring Costs Cover

  • Assessment of a number of performance capabilities to install the system, select towers, choose modes of transmission and place control centers.
  • Purchase of surveillance and communication equipment.
  • Installation and commissioning of the system.

Monthly Costs Cover

  • Maintenance of the system in order to have fixed access to the sensors.
  • Payment for communication channels and Internet connection usage.
  • Use of software package "Lesnoy Dozor" for organizational management to detect forest fires.

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