Offer to the Owners of Cellular Towers

When carrying out project "Lesnoy Dozor" we work in close collaboration with cellular carriers, host broadcasters for optimal equipment layout to use their technologically equipped platforms and high-rise buildings.  

Nowadays in order to place video equipment and communications packages we use base station towers of cellular operators, providers, TV towers, etc.

If your company is the owner of proper towers next to forest areas and you wish to participate in forest fund protection you are welcomed as our partner.

Partner Gets 

  • Extra income from rent of technological space.
  • Mutually advantageous cooperation with local forestry departments, own infrastructure (towers) protection. 
  • Web publishing (on press releases, exhibition materials, etc.
  • Permission to use “Lesnoy Dozor” brand in advertising materials. “Lesnoy Dozor” is the forest monitoring market leader
  • Opportunity to participate in forest and species diversity protection.  

Сustomer Gains 

  • Secure equipment layout on technical platforms in the most suitable places. 
  • Comprehensive infrastructure (towers) exploitation.  
  • Discount benefits and special tariffs.
  • Simplification of agreement procedure for the acceleration of system installation during fire-hazardous seasons.

We welcome you to become our partner!

Companies Which Let on Lease Their Technological Platforms for “Lesnoy Dozor” Implementation 


Concerning partnership please write here:

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