Offer to the Owners of Communication Channels


The integral part of “Lesnoy Dozor” video monitoring system are communication channels which link video surveillance cameras up in a unified network. In order to transmit on-line video we work in close cooperation with telecom providers, Internet service providers and other communication channels proprietors. 

Nowadays such digital (communication) channels as E1 (ISDN), xDSL, etc. are used for video transmission.

Company "DSC" search after partners for implementation of the projects. Terms of agreement are individual in each specific case and are negotiated privately.

Partner Gets

  • Extra income from leasing of communication channels and Internet access.
  • Web publishing (on, publishing in press releases, exhibition materials, etc.
  • Permission to use “Lesnoy Dozor” brand in advertising materials. “Lesnoy Dozor” is Russian forest monitoring market leader
  • Opportunity to participate in forest and species diversity protection.  

Customer Gains

  • Internet access, making of unified forest monitoring system.
  • Discount benefits and special tariffs.

We welcome you to become our partner!

The companies which already provide their communication channels and Internet access for “Lesnoy Dozor” 

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