We are looking for parntners/investors to distribute early warning system for forest fires "Lesnoy Dozor".

Partners: with Whom and What for?

  • System integrators: they could enhance their due to the implementation of our system.
  • Telecommunication companies: with our help they can monetize infrustructure investments.
  • Venture funds: the funds could invest money in a promising IT project in the field of ecology and security.
  • Business incubators/service yards: they could put into practice an innovative IT project.

Forms of Partnership with Us

  • as a partner: system "Lesnoy Dozor" could be promoted and sold in certain regions by a partner who receives a fee. He installs, services and sets the system into action.
  • as an investor (representative office, share in the company, joint enterprise): he invests money, gains profit and tries to find a partner who could adapt the system to the requirements of a certain market.

Our Partners Today

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