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News digest: June – July, 2018


Research and development

High level of Research and Development of “DiSiCon” company acknowledges the receipt of another patent.The Russian Federal service for intellectual property granted a patent for the invention «Method and system for eliminating the rolling shutter effect of camera».

Also the collection of the international certificates has been replenished with second U.S. patent. Thus, the uniqueness of the technologies developed by the company is recognized in the international market.




For the first time in history "Lesnoy Dozor" begins its duty in South America. With the help of Brazilian partner the first two monitoring points were launched in Paraná state of Brazil and have already detected several fires.


Republic of South Africa

Partner of the company "Disicon" in the Republic of South Africa finishes construction of the first on the African continent monitoring point of "Lesnoy Dozor" system.       


Yamal - Nenets Autonomous region

Video surveillance system "Lesnoy Dozor" helped to find a fire in the forest twenty kilometers away from Noyabrsk. It controls the situation in real time. The first fires were extinguished by a volunteer fire brigade. Then the fire brigades from the city joined the work. Now this sources of fire is localized, but still under the supervision of rescuers. Cameras of "Lesnoy Dozor" later discovered another fire on the Vyngapurovskaya road.

Earlier, on July 10, the Acting Governor of YANAO Dmitry Artyukhov inspected the new building of the unified dispatching and duty service of Salekhard, where he got acquainted with the work of the intelligent video surveillance system "Lesnoy Dozor".

Quite often the cause of fires are dry thunderstorms. According to operational data, in June in the district was extinguished about 30 fires.

Tomsk  region

Forest fire situation on the territory of Tomsk region helps to monitor proven system "Lesnoy Dozor": 18 cameras work in Tomsk, Shegarsk and Kozhevnikovo areas. With their appearance, as noted in the regional administration, increased responsiveness to fires and extinguishing wild fires, minimizes damage of the forest fund.

Ratio of forest fires, eliminated in the first day, in the area of action of video cameras reached 100%. "Because of that in 2018 from the Fund for unforeseen expenses of Tomsk, Governor has allocated 2.8 million rubles for installation of 8 cameras, which will cover Pervomaysk, Asino, Verkhneketsk and the Zyryansk areas", - concluded the press service.

Voronezh region

There was a large fire on the territory of the Voronezh biosphere reserve. For two days the fire destroyed almost 70 hectares. One of the versions is arson.

The fire was detected by the video surveillance system "Lesnoy Dozor". However, firefighters began the elimination of the fire only a few hours later. Why rescuers were slow - found out the correspondent of "Vesti-Voronezh".


Ulyanovsk region

In the forests of Ulyanovsk region remains a high class of fire danger.

For the organization of monitoring and forecasting of forest fire situation 14 observation points was equipped at the prevailing heights and high-rise objects, approved 100 ground patrol routes. In addition, video monitoring is carried out using the system of early detection of forest fires "Lesnoy Dozor".

According to experts of the relevant Department, 105 wild fires have been eliminated in the Ulyanovsk region since the beginning of the fire season in 2018.


Ryazan region

Deputy Chairman of the Ryazan region government Sergey Filimonov has held a video-teleconference, where were discussed issues related to the situation in forests and the safety of people on water. The head of the EMERCOM Department of Ryazan region Sergey Filippov said, that the control of forest fire situation is carried out by patrolling  groups and aircrafts. In addition, surveillance is carried out using 29 cameras of "Lesnoy Dozor".

Lipetsk region

Due to the increase of air temperature and the lack of rainfall in the Lipetsk region, a high fire hazard in the forests has been established. Forest inspectors are patrolling territory. Special attention is paid to the places most visited by the population. The forest areas are also monitored with the help of 14 video cameras of the “Lesnoy Dozor” system. Since the beginning of the fire season of 2018, state forest inspectors have brought to administrative responsibility more than 100 people for violation of fire safety rules in forests.