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News digest: April – May, 2018


Yamal - Nenets Autonomous region

Yamal prepares for forest fires in advance. Now in the Shuryshkar district appeared Lesnoy Dozor too. The camera in the village of Muji protects a massive forest area around the settlement. The system automatically sends information with video about the fire to the on-duty operator. The system in the region continues to develop. Seven municipalities will acquire the Lesnoy Dozor system in 2018.

Far East

"Innovation day" was held in Vladivostok. Director of the company "Disicon" Alexander Sinelnikov introduced the system of monitoring of forest fires "Lesnoy Dozor". "All-seeing eye" is installed on the cell operator's towers and detects a fire at the earliest phase of the fire. Over the 9 years of use of the system in the regions of Central Russia, the number of forest fires decreased by 97%.


Kaliningrad region

Information system “Lesnoy Dozor” and 15 video surveillance cameras help emergency services of the Kaliningrad region to detect forest fires in the early stages.  The system covers 273,000 hectares of forest land. Since the beginning of the fire season, four fires have been detected. All of them were eliminated in the first day.


Ulyanovsk region


The system “Lesnoy Dozor” shows its effectiveness in the Ulyanovsk region. It has been operating since 2017 as part of the implementation of the Concept of intelligent digital technologies "Smart region". Since the beginning of the fire season in 2018 with the help of video monitoring, five confirmed fire hazardous objects have already been detected and recorded.


Irkutsk region

The system of early fire detection “Lesnoy Dozor” allows employees of Irkutsk region forest protection services to respond quickly to fires and extinguish them in small areas. On May 7 at 15 o'clock it was possible to record the beginning of ignition in the territory of forest Fund in five kilometers from the village of Khomutovo. The online camera is installed on the mobile tower in the village of Talka. The operator of regional dispatch center saw the arrived video with smoke in the wood and sent to a place two small forest patrol complexes with a crew of 11 people.


- Early detection of fire allowed us to react quickly to it and not to allow fire spread on the big area. In this case, the fire covered only 1.5 hectares of forest. In a matter of hours, the fire was localized, and then completely eliminated, which did not allow to appear the threat of a transition of fire to the nearest settlements, - said the Deputy Minister of the forest complex of the Irkutsk region Valentin Shirokov.

May 1 near the village of Kuznetsovka, Bratsk district, cameras also helped to detect the fire on the area of 0.5 hectares. 10 people with the help of four pieces of equipment eliminated the fire on the day of detection.