Irkutsk region

All fire detection systems are involved in the region. Observing from space and the earth, as well as with the help of video cameras "Lesnoy Dozor", which are installed in the forest. There are six of them. They control the road from Bratsk to Tulun, the most flammable forest near Taishet and Irkutsk, where in the spring there are a lot of fires. Next year it is planned to install another 24. The results of the fire season in a big interview summed up the head of the base of aviation forest protection Anatoly Suchkov.


Lipetsk region



The forests of the region are open again for free access. On October 29 in the Lipetsk region officially ended the fire season.

The regional dispatching service during the fire season monitored the forest fire situation in the forests with the help of 14 video cameras of the video surveillance system "Lesnoy Dozor".

Inspectors of forest protection made 108 protocols for violation of fire safety rules in the woods. All the perpetrators have been brought to administrative responsibility.

Thanks to the ongoing activities for the protection of forests from fires in 2018 in territory of the Lipetsk region there was not a single forest fire.



Ryazan region


The authorities of the Ryazan region announced the end of the fire season. The weather in the region is cool and rainy.

The Ministry said that 25 forest fires were registered in the region in 2018. They were quickly detected and extinguished.


Kaliningrad region

The regional Ministry of natural resources reported on the end of the fire season. This is due to the sustainable rainy weather, says the press service of the Ministry.

In the period from March to October in the region recorded 13 forest fires with a total area of 2.3 hectares. The fire occurred in Krasnoznamensk, Kaliningrad, Bagrationovsk, Gvardeysk and Slavsk forest areas. All fires were eliminated within a few hours after detection.

By the spring of next year, 15 video cameras will be updated for the Forest watch fire detection system and 4 fire trucks will be bought for fire stations.


Ulyanovsk region

All good "Lesnoy Dozor", - writes the magazine "Ulpressa".  The Minister of nature and cyclical economy of the Ulyanovsk region Dmitry Fedorov explained that this year all preventive fire protection measures were carried out in accordance with the calendar plan, and in some cases ahead of schedule. Video monitoring is carried out using the system of early detection of forest fires – the system "Lesnoy Dozor". This year, six video cameras performed monitoring.



Republic of North Ossetia - Alania

According to the Minister of natural resources and ecology of North Ossetia Chermen Mamiev, the forest Fund of the Republic has a significant natural fire hazard, so constant monitoring is required in the period from March to November. Preventive measures have helped to prevent fires in the forest Fund. “Lesnoy Dozor” monitoring system has proved its effectiveness.





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