Parliamentary hearings as a part of the National Forest Forum

On September 14 in the Duma of the Russian Federation Parliamentary hearings "Problems and prospects of legislative regulation of multipurpose use of forest resources" took place. The issues of forest management, as well as protection of forests from fires were considered.

The company "Disicon" (the developer of the project "Lesnoy Dozor" to monitor the forest/farmland and detect fires forest/farmland in the early stages) was invited to participate in the hearings as the most effectively-established company in the market of video monitoring of forests. Since the launch of the project, the software package has been implemented and operates in more than 40 regions of Russia and several foreign countries. In these regions, the number of forest fires decreased by 97%!!! 

We have made proposals for small and medium-sized businesses in the field of forest video monitoring with a help of stationary devices (video cameras) in the legislative acts regulating the protection and prevention of forests of the Russian Federation from fire. The proposal of LLC "Disicon" submitted for consideration. We hope for further effective cooperation with the relevant committees and associations.

The presentation "Lesnoy Dozor" with a list of proposals can be found on our website


Ryazan region


Representatives of the GBU RO "Pozhles" told regional reporters, how forest fires are detected at an early stage. Reporters have seen the dispatching service, unmanned surveillance equipment and special equipment to extinguish forest fires.


Voronezh region


Recently, on August 25, the fire damaged 2.8 hectares of forest in the Voronezh biosphere reserve. Thus, this is the second serious fire in the reserve since the beginning of summer. Its reason and the damage caused by it are still being established. The ground fire in the Bor district forestry was found from the quadcopter and thanks to the video surveillance system "Lesnoy Dozor".

Rescuers managed to quickly reach the source of fire in the Voronezh reserve and put out the fire before it climbed up to the top of the pines.

Units of the Voronezh forest fire center are also in a state of high readiness. Round-the-clock control with the help of video surveillance system "Lesnoy Dozor" and information system of remote monitoring of ISDM is organized.


Kaliningrad region

Subordinated to the Kaliningrad Ministry of natural resources and ecology institution "Administration of hunting and forestry of the Kaliningrad region" decided to spend 3.6 million rubles on 15 cameras.

- These cameras are acquired for the center of suppression of forest fires,-explained in a press-service of the Ministry. - They are necessary for work of system of video surveillance "Lesnoy Dozor". 15 cameras are currently connected to this system.


The press service of the regional EMERCOM of Russia said in the forests of the region annually recorded a small number of fires, as a rule, they have a small area and do not lead to tragic consequences. In addition, such fires are eliminated quickly – during the day when they were discovered.


Samara region

To protect forests from fires, the regional dispatching service of the Samara region operates around the clock. Continuous video surveillance is carried out, the technical capabilities of it (26 cameras at the highest structures) allow to cover up to 90% of the forest Fund. The application "Lesnoy Dozor" instantly records smoke and fire and determines the location and coordinates of the fire source.

State institution "Samarales" will spend about 1.2 million budget rubles for 6 additional cameras to monitor the regional forests.


Tomsk region

Information resource "TO" told us about what is happening now in the forest industry of the Tomsk region in the facts, figures and explanations of experts.

Remind that in the region there are 18 cameras of system "Lesnoy Dozor", and this year the Governor of Tomsk region Sergey Zhvachkin instructed to allocate nearly 2.8 million rubles for the purchase of 8 of additional cameras for Asinovsky, Pervomaisky and Zyryansky districts.


Yamal-Nenets Autonomous district

In the village of Pelvozh environmental volunteers held an action "Clean forest is a territory without fire." In Yamal, strengthening the system of comprehensive protection of the population against threats of various kinds is always a priority. Fire-fighting methods are being improved, new technologies are being introduced. So,  a modern intelligent video surveillance system "Lesnoy Dozor" was launched, which can detect not only forest, but also man-made fire. This year it was complemented with a monitoring point in Gubkinskiy.



Lipetsk region


Administration of the region restricted stay of citizens in woods and entrance to them by vehicles in the period of time from 28 August to 17 September. Because of the hot dry weather there are extreme fire danger in the forests.

On the territory of the forest Fund of the region there is an information system of forest video monitoring "Lesnoy Dozor".


Ulyanovsk region

Since the beginning of the fire season on the lands of the forest Fund of the Ulyanovsk region eliminated more than 120 fires, the total area of which amounted to more than 1400 hectares.

The situation in the forests is monitored from 14 observation points at high-rise sites. Modern equipment — special video monitoring systems for early detection of forest fires "Lesnoy Dozor" - is also involved in such control of the fire situation. Todaythere are six cameras.


Republic of North Ossetia - Alania

In the Ministry of natural resources and ecology of North Ossetia, the head of the region Vyacheslav Bitarov gave the keys to the new vehicles for forestry workers of the Republic. In recent years, the authorities of the Republic pay great attention to environmental issues. North Ossetia is the first of the North Caucasus regions where the Lesnoy Dozor project was implemented.





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