The Hardware Part of System "Lesnoy Dozor" Includes the Following Elements

  • Remotely controlled smart sensors.
  • Communication equipment.
  • The hardware of "Lesnoy Dozor" server.
  • The equipment of operator's workplace.

Remotely Controlled Smart Sensors

  • video cameras;
  • infrared cameras;
  • incremental transducers (heat sensors, fire alarm boxes).

The sensors are placed on tall buildings, such as:

  • communication providers towers;
  • cellular towers;
  • TV towers;
  • lighting and communication towers.

In general "Lesnoy Dozor" sensors (for prevention of forest fires and early detection) are installed on any high-rise power supplied buildings. 

In "Lesnoy Dozor" remotely controlled sensors are used (360° — horizontal plane, minimum 90° — vertical plane, 35-fold zoom). Though there are no equipment limitations for the system, we (from our experience) recommend a certain type of sensors. The sensors which are installed on the towers (or the like) at a sufficient height (30 m) have a detection area within 20-35 km. Naturally the characteristics of the system depend on weather conditions and lay of land.

Communication Equipment

Communication equipment is necessary to connect the sensors to the Internet and operate them.

The Hardware of "Lesnoy Dozor" Server

The system server operates a network of distributed sensors and provides access to the system by means of a special program — "Lesnoy Dozor". Depending on situation we use either our own hosting or servers of our customers which they offer. 

Operator's workplace

The Equipment of Operator's Workplace

The equipment is located in a special control center — a place which customers can choose themselves. In such a case the customers should take into consideration that the center should be connected to the Internet.

When implementing system "Lesnoy Dozor" the customers’ wishes concerning the equipment and the settings are taken into account.

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