Limited Liability Company “DiSiCon” (LLC “DSC”)


Address: 603141, Nizhny Novgorod, urban type community Cherepichny, 14, office 304

Tel. /fax: +78314115597, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Company DSC is a participant of Microsoft BizSpark program

In 2008 Ministry of Forestry of Nizhegorodsky Region has requested Business Incubator of Nizhny Novgorod to find the method of detecting forest fires at an early stage.


The group of developers leading by Ivan Shishalov has offered innovative concept of monitoring. After sometime the company “DiSiCon” was founded. The concept became the basis for the new forest monitoring system “Lesnoy Dozor”.


In 2009-2013 the crew became a member of Microsoft BizSpark program, and won several federal contests and participated in Russian and international exhibitions. 


Besides that, since 2009 the company cooperates with Fund of support small forms of enterprises in science-technical sphere. “DiSiCon” has participated in programs Start-10 and Soft-12. 




Company`s achievements

  • System is in use by more than 30 regions of Russia (2015)
  • Highest startup rating AAA given by RSR
  • The project was included into the all Russian list of innovative products that are recommended to use in Russia (2012)
  • Company becomes the resident of innovation center “Skolkovo” (march 2012)
  • Ministry of Emergency of Russian Federation Sergey Shoygu highly appreciate the system at Day of innovations and new technologies in Ministry of Emergency (may 2011)
  • Silver medal of 39thFirst place in open contest “Volga region –territory of safety”
  • Winner of Russian Venture Fair 2010
  • Start Up of the year 2010 “Best socially important project” 


Support of Dmitry Medvedev

On 7th of July 2011 one of “Lesnoy Dozor” developers has presented the system to President of Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev. Dmitry Anatolyevich has promised to provide support in system`s implementation. 

Russian President Medvedev with Forum Seliger participants


The result was a meeting, initiated by Mr. Medvedev and Ministry of Telecommunication on 12 August 2011 with major telecommunication companies: “Tele2”, “MTS”, “Rostelecom”, “Megafon”, “Vympelcom” and LLC “DiSiCon”.


Members of the meeting have discussed the problem of speeding up the access to towers and internet channels for installation and exploitation of the system.


As a result, several agreements were reached.




Membership in “Skolkovo”

28th of March 2012 LLC “DiSiCon” has officially joined “Skolkovo” center as a resident.


Fund of development of research and commercializing new technologies “Skolkovo” is noncommercial organization, created initiated of President of Russian Federation in September 2010.


The goal of fund is making comfortable environment for startups in 5 prior directions:


  • Space
  • Biomedicine
  • Nuclear technologies
  • Information technologies
  • Energy efficiency


Support of Agency for Strategic Initiatives

In September 2013 expert Council of ASI has decided to support “Lesnoy Dozor” project. Agreed an action plan on facilitating SKOLKOVO`s resident. It is expected that the assistance will apply to the activities of innovative companies in the administrative, methodological and informational fields.


Autonomous nonprofit organization "Agency for strategic initiatives to promote new projects" was founded on 17 of May 2011.


Web-site of Agency for Strategic Initiatives: http://asi.ru/ 


The goals of our company

The main task of our organization is developing and implementation of the system "Lesnoy Dozor". The system is designed for early detection of forest fires and determining their coordinates on the basis of modern technologies:



  • Computer vision
  • Geoformation systems
  • IP video surveillance
  • VSaas
  • Wireless high speed connections
  • Client-server Internet technologies
  • Mobile applications
  • Programs of modelling the coverage of forest video surveillance
  • Analytical software



The main activities of our company


    1. Project modelling of characteristics for optimal placement of components of “Lesnoy Dozor” system
    2. Delivery of necessary equipment and installation
    3. Customer support, providing access to the system
    4. Technical support of the system
    5. Education of customers
    6. Multilateral researches such as:
  1. The evaluation of the effectiveness of systems of video monitoring forests to detect forest fires.
  2. The definition of principles of construction of optimal forest video monitoring systems based on statistics of fires, natural fire probability and other factors.
  3. Research and development in the field of optimization of location of optical sensors to monitor forests.
  4. Research in choosing the most appropriate equipment for video monitoring of forests and detection of forest fires.
  5. Research in the field of improving the reliability of fire detection systems, video monitoring forests.
  6. Research and development in improving the accuracy of determination of coordinates for the systems of video monitoring of the forest.
  7. Research and development in the field of user interface systems for video monitoring of forests and detection of forest fires.
  8. Research in the field of architecture to build distributed systems of video monitoring.
  9. Research and development in the field of measurement of atmospheric conditions on change the state of spray.
  10. Research and development in the field of panoramic surveillance systems and use them for different tasks.