Information System Developers

System "Lesnoy Dozor" is a part of the united integral system for the surveillance of forest fires in Russia. Company "DSC" has also reached undersandings with LLC "INKOM" concerning integration with information-telecommunication family of systems "Yasen" (ash - transl.). The similar agreement was also reached with ScanEx Research and Development Center.


Information Systems Developers Gain

  • Entry to the market of video surveillance as the partners of "DSC".
  • Permission to use "Lesnoy Dozor" brand in advertising materials. "Lesnoy Dozor" is the most effective digital, terrestrial forest fires surveillance system.
  • Web publishing (on, publishing in advertising materials, etc.
  • Opportunity to participate in the protection of forest and species diversity.


What Does Customer Gain

  • Additional information about forest fires collected from various sources.


Developers with Whom We Collaborate