About system

It Includes the Following Elements

  • A distributed system of high technology sensors (cameras, infrared sensors, etc.).
  • Communication channels which connect the sensors to the Internet.
  • The server of the system "Lesnoy Dozor" which is connected to the Internet.
  • The server software of the systems "Lesnoy Dozor".
  • Operator’s workstation equipment.
  • Software of "Lesnoy Dozor" workstation.

Forest areas observation, forest fires coordinates detection and determination are put into effect by means of distributed sensor system located at the customer’s place. The information from these sensors is transmitted directly to the server of the system "Lesnoy Dozor" and then to operator's station.

Characteristics of the System

The System Works as Follows

Virtually sensors (cameras, infrared cameras, thermal imagers) are placed at high-rise buildings with power supply. They have reliable zoom characteristics and are controlled via the Internet (rotation, zoom, videotape recording, etc.). At any place (convenient for the customer) control center is established (high-speed Internet connection is the single requirement). In the control center there is an operator, who takes out observations with the help of the sensors and special software. One operator can control about 10 sensors. In addition the system can distribute workload among video operators — this measure increases fire detection or detection of smoke clouds in general.

The concept of the system is based on the idea of client-server application usage which service a network of remotely controlled sensors connected to the server and control center with different communication channels.

The main innovative elements of our system — software "Lesnoy Dozor" (transl. — "Forest Watch") and the service. The software controls the entire system, helps to detects forest fires and determine fire coordinates automatically. Information from the sensors is transmitted to the operator at the station or is server pre-processed.

Why Now?

The creation and deployment of optical sensor systems (and "Lesnoy Dozor" is one of them) became possible only in the last few years. This was due to the fact that:

  • the number of cellular towers became enough to cover fire areas;
  • the prices for the broadband access to the Internet have been sufficiently reduced. This allows sensors transmit large amounts of video data to the computers in the control center online;
  • the cost of wireless communication equipment which can transmit data over large distances was reduced;
  • the price of powerful computers have fallen down. These PCs process video data quickly and increase the reliability of the system on the whole.

System for early detection of forest fires "Lesnoy Dozor" can be used in a forestry territory and in the territory of a region.

Cameras were firstly used to recognize forest fires at the beginning of the XXI century. However most of the systems of that time were just ordinary cameras with a screen and the cameraman was supposed to be close to the towers of video monitoring. Such systems could be met even now but they are not quite suitable for forest fires detection even in the territory of one forestry, not to mention the whole region. 

Robotized Server

This is a server which performs a number of important functions as a part of intelligent sensory system Lesnoy Dozor. Among these functions there are:

  • control of a set of cameras (sensors) thar help to effect forest video surveillance including the means of special patrolling routes;
  • control the subsystem of computer vision for flame and smoke search;
  • provide users with recomendations informing them about potentially dangerous objects (POO).

Smart Point of Observation

While installating the system sometimes it happens that the speed of Internet connection is insufficient (less than 512 kilobit per second) and ordinary measures are not enough. So under this circumstances video data transmission to control office is difficult to effect. To solve this problem our specialists designed smart point of observation.

How it works

The essence of the scheme is that the main part of video information is processed before it is transmitted to the control office via the Internet. Data processing is made with special mini-servers, attached to each watch tower. There the information is preliminary analyzed and packed into smaller archive.

As consequence, even with a weak Internet connection the operator could get the same record of potentially dangerous objects (PDO) as usual.

All this helps customers to avoid payments for expensive channels or in case when the speed of Internet connection leaves much to be desired.

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